On the edges of consciousnesses: Messaging between species

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Consciousness is often defined as an experience of the world, but its definitions vary and stir up controversy. It is described through the vocabulary of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, to name but a few fields. Other- than-human consciousness has long been considered non-existent, a notion that has only recently changed as other-than-humans have been found to possess consciousness and a capacity for intentional behaviour (Low 2012: 2). This article presents perspectives on interspecies communication to propose that various species have consciousness and that communication between human and other- than-human consciousnesses is possible. My research aims to investigate the concept of consciousness and intuitive interspecies communication by experimenting methods within artistic practice that can foster a more profound understanding of human and other-than-human relations. I use art projects as artistic case studies to substantiate my hypothesis of consciousness being an essential connection for intuitive interspecies communication.
JulkaisuTechnoetic Arts
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 heinäk. 2022
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