OBSERVEMUS A Travelogue of Light, Time and Mankind

Mika Lumi Tuomola, Rasmus Vuori

    Tutkimustuotos: Taiteellinen julkaisu ja ICT-julkaisuPerformanceArt in coproduction


    The inspiration for the Observemus event series is the ancient and mysterious Antikythera mechanism. This analog machine — an ancient computer — was found in the wreckage of a ship off the shore of the Greek island of Antikythera in the early 1900s. The mechanism, made out of bronze and estimated to have been constructed in the third century BCE, was technologically hundreds of years ahead of its time. Poet Saila Susiluoto‘s work of the same name is an interactive collection, 200 poems strong, available for iPad devices. The work will be available (in Finnish) at the Observatory on August 20-30 at the following times: Tue Wed: 12 noon 4 pm Thu: 12 noon 8 pm Fri Sun: 12 noon 4 pm FULL OBSERVEMUS PROGRAM (in Finnish) Thu, Aug 20: Night of the Arts at Tähtitorninmäki 12 noon 10 pm: Antikythera at the Helsinki Observatory Dive into the world of Antikythera, a poetic creation by Saila Susiluoto, in Jaakko Pesonen‘s installation in the lobby and library of the Helsinki Observatory! Antikythera is a work of poetry available for iPad devices. The inspiration for the collection came from an ancient, 2000-year-old Greek analog computer. 9 pm 9:30 pm: Strange Poets Strange twittering on Tähtitorninmäki Hill! Poets will challenge the birds and climb into trees to read out their poetry. Performing are Anja Erämaja, Jyrki Kiiskinen, Kirsi Poutanen, and Saila Susiluoto. A fascinating and musical sound installation, right in the eaves of trees! Weather permitting. 9:30 pm: Tales from Frontiers A work of media art with live accompaniment with veil the Observatory and the surrounding park with ambiguous layers of image and sound. Visualization by Marikki Hakola and Jarmo Vellonen, music by Jone Takamäki and Epa Tamminen, in collaboration with the Media Facades Festival Helsinki. For more, see: www.mediafacadeshelsinki.fi Aug 22 12 noon 1 pm: Writing Date in an observatory, Poetry Moon Come write and be inspired by the Observatory on Tähtitorninmäki Hill. The meeting involves writing in one’s own time and space, drawing power from a shared sense of concentration. Bring your own writing utensils, such as a pad and pen. Pre-sign ups to ilmoittautumiset@nuorenvoimanliitto.fi — first 10 are eligible. 12:30 pm 1 pm: Light, the messenger of the universe This theme lecture at the Observatory’s Argelander Hall is part of the UN’s international “Year of Light.” Lecturer and Observatory chief Päivi Harjunpää and chief guide Paula Kyyrö talk. The hall seats 60 people, no sign up. 2 pm 2:30 pm: After you there will be no time before you This performance in the outdoor tower of the Observatory is a poetic journey into space, time, and the human heart. The half-hour is composed of poet Mikko Räty’s texts and musician Mikko Turunen’s music. The space accommodates 25 people, no pre-sign up. Aug 27 5 pm 6:30 pm: The Antikythera mechanism as seen by a scientist and an artist Astronomer Hannu Karttunen‘s and poet Saila Susiluoto’s introductory lectures on the ancient Antikythera mechanism, and the accompanying series of poems of the same name, in the Argelander Hall of the Observatory. The hall accommodates 60 people, no pre-sign ups.
    TilaJulkaistu - 2015
    OKM-julkaisutyyppiF2 Julkaistut taideteosten osatoteutukset


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