Objects of knowing: Collaborative craft analyzed as a platform for knowledge articulation

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Previous research has thoroughly investigated knowledge creation from various perspectives and fields of expertise, although only a few studies have presented integrated discussions on the topic. This thesis situates knowledge creation at the intersection of two domains: organizational studies and craft and design research. While theories in organizational studies outline how tacit knowledge can be explicitly articulated through structured social practices, craft and design research inquires into knowledge creation through the process of materializing artifacts. In arguing for the integration of both perspectives, the present research examines collaborative craft as an organized activity and highlights the agency of objects in social practices where knowledge is articulated. Conceptually, this thesis draws on poststructuralist thinking and materialist approaches to organization in order to propose a material-discursive practice theory. Methodologically, it employs a multiple case study conducted in distinct geographies and cultural contexts, which allowed the designer-researcher to collaborate with craftspeople, collect rich empirical data, and confirm that social practices can yield knowledge via the production of artifacts. The research findings reveal the type of knowledge that can be articulated when craftspeople and designers collaborate, drawing attention to the relationship between the knowledge created and the artifacts produced. The study also emphasizes the significance of materiality in generating meaning and enacting discourse, especially in work settings where communication is hindered by sociocultural phenomena.
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Myöntöpäivämäärä14 marrask. 2018
TilaJulkaistu - 14 marrask. 2018
OKM-julkaisutyyppiG2 Pro gradu -työ, ammattikorkeakoulun laajennettu opinnäytetyö


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