NordForsk Research Network. Refining Lignocellulosics to Advanced Polymers and Fibres. PolyRefNorth.

Maija-Liisa Mattinen, Monika Österberg, Juan Jose Valle-Delgado, Timo Leskinen, Tuomas Anttila, Miikka Lievonen, Arja Paananen, Antti Ojala

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    Globally the lack of renewable resources and their ineffective utilization is the major challenge facing the society today. Existing biorefineries are not capable to convert lignocellulosic feedstocks fully, yielding large waste streams. Lignin, the most abundant side stream e.g. from the pulp and paper production, is currently mostly burnt for energy. Due to its amorphous, insoluble, cross-linked and hydrophobic nature, lignin is a challenging biopolymer to modify by chemical and biochemical means. Recently there has been a growing interest to find novel applications for lignin, especially in the form of well-defined nanoparticles. These application areas include i) molecular surfactants, dispersants or particulate stabilizers for foams and emulsions, ii) drug delivery systems or microencapsulation of pesticides for controlled release as well as iv) adhesives, composites and coatings. Especially ability to prepare water-dispersive lignin nanoparticles has opened up novel green and valuable pathways for utilization of technical lignin. Thus this presentations provides the state of the art insight into converting the irregular lignin aggregates to uniform colloidal spheres enabling higher added value applications for technical lignin in the near future.
    TilaJulkaistu - 2015
    TapahtumaNordForsk Research Network: Refining Lignocellulosics to Advanced Polymers and Fibres - Campus Ås, Oslo, Norja
    Kesto: 26 marrask. 201627 marrask. 2016


    ConferenceNordForsk Research Network


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