Minimization Magnetic Coupling of Perpendicular Coils Winded Inside and Outside Toroidal Core made Thin Magnetic Ribbon

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  • Ariel University


An application of magnetic amplifiers that were frequently used in the past, still appears in power systems. Despite distinguished benefits of semiconductor electronics, some important advantages of the magnetic amplifier (MA) such as noticeable reliability and sustainability, provide its applications in power control till now. The basic principle of MA is based on a nonlinearity of magnetization curve leading to the effect of saturation in the magnetic circuit. AC coils which are wound on such a core depending on the operating point location may have significantly different impedance one that can provide regulating of power flow. The regulating process is ensured by an additional DC coil which can change working point by controlling DC current flowing through.The common problem of MA operation is inducing in a DC coil of electromotive force (EMF) led by an AC current flowing in the AC winding. This impact creates substantial obstacles in DC current control and should be diminished as much as possible.Several solutions are applicable to resolve this complication among which stands out the use of magnetic coils with perpendicular magnetic fields.In this article presented specially developed perpendicular coils design one inside and another outside novel toroidal magnetic core made thin ferromagnetic ribbon with high ferromagnetic permeability. These windings owing original core design and good ferromagnetic properties can provide substantial amplification coefficient of MA.Two frameworks of magnetic core are investigated in this article. One is made like a serpentine continuously winded ribbon. The other is represented by separated sections of ribbons that wound and then fixed by means of micro-welding. Ribbon segments touching each other with their edges and wound in several layers, the upper layers above the lower ones thus, to close air gaps between the lower lying sections.The investigation results of both these designs are presented in this article.


OtsikkoICSEE 2018 : International Conference on the Science of Electrical Engineering
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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Tapahtuma International Conference on the Science of Electrical Engineering - Eilat, Israel
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Conference International Conference on the Science of Electrical Engineering

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