Methods And Devices For Bootstrapping Of Resource Constrained Devices

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It is disclosed a method of establishing a secure connection between a device and a network-based entity, NAF, via an access gateway, where the device and a network-based bootstrapping server, BSF, have a pre-established trust relationship. The method comprises the access gateway acting as a proxy between the device and the BSF. A reference to a NAF received from the BSF is used to securely authenticate the device to the NAF. An identity of the access gateway is sent to the NAF and the identity is sued to authorise the device to use the access gateway. The access gateway identity is authenticated at the BSF and/or the NAF. The access gateway may relay messages to the device over a non-HTTP link.


IPCH04W 12/ 04 A I
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TilaJulkaistu - 6 lokakuuta 2016
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