Merging the Benefits of Paper Notebooks with the Power of Computers in Dynomite

B. N. Schilit, L. D. Wilcox, N. Sawhney

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Dynomite is a portable electronic notebook that merges the benefits of paper note-taking with the organizational capabilities of a computer. Dynomite incorporates four complementary features that combine to form an easy to use system for the capture and retrieval of handwritten and audio notes. First, Dynomite has a paper-like user interface. Second, Dynomite uses ink properties and text keywords for content indexing of notes. Third, Dynomite's properties and keywords allow retrieval of specific ink and notes: the user sees a view of a subset of the notebook content that dynamically changes as the users add new information. Finally, Dynomite continuously records audio, but only permanently stores portions highlighted by the user, making it is possible to augment handwritten notes with audio on devices with limited storage.
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TilaJulkaistu - 1997
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