Materialism as A Cultural Medium Three Projects by Finnish Architects in China

Yizhou Zhao, Pirjo Sanaksenaho, Fernando Nieto Fernandez

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In an era of globalization, Finnish architects have developed a series of projects in China in recent years. These Chinese projects continue and expand the tradition of international practice of the Finnish architectural community and provide new perspectives for the observation and study of Finnish architecture. Finnish architecture is connected with Finnish national imagination and identity construction. Yet, in China, Finnish architects inevitably deal with their own cultural identity concerning their work context in various ways. This study attempts to combine the historical facts of Finnish architects' entry into China with an in-depth analysis of cases, showing how building materials can become carriers of design thinking and cultural mediators. Thus, the study can further demonstrate the reconciliation process between the expansion of architectural internationalism and its interactions with local conditions in the globalized practice of architecture. The choice of building materials carries the design ideas of the Finnish architects. Also, it serves as a cultural intermediary to explain the architects' identity and relationship to the Chinese context. Based on three specific cases, this study retraces the Finnish-based architect's design process and material considerations through interviews and a review of a large number of design documents, including drawings and models.
JulkaisuArchitectural Research in Finland
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TilaJulkaistu - 29 toukok. 2023
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