Making Service Logic Explicit: Findings from Business-to-Business Case Study

Harri Töhönen, Mikko Heiskala, Esko Hannula

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    Service logic means a holistic approach towards the management, offering, and customers of a service business. The previous literature on service logic appears to be mostly conceptual, lacking empirical examples. This research paper provides such examples through a retrospective case study by analysing the evolution of a knowledge-intensive professional service company during the last eight years. The embodiments of service logic were examined from four dimensions: 1) value logics; 2) relationships; 3) processes and interactions, and 4) service culture. The findings showed a strong intertwining within the above service logic dimensions. In our case company, sustainable success required the company as a whole to be tuned towards a customer orientation and a balance to be found between operations and different value creation logics.
    Otsikko2010 International Conference on Service Sciences, Hanzhou/China, 13-14.5.2010
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2010
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    • business management
    • case study
    • example
    • service approach
    • service business
    • service logic


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