Leros ja Villa Kolkis: Esseitä merkityksellisyydestä

Tutkimustuotos: Master's thesis


My Master's thesis is based on a collaboration between the Christine and Göran Schildt Foundation, Aalto University Department of Architecture and the Greek island of Leros, where the Schildts' lived. The work is a collection of essays about the interplay between Greek vernacular architecture and nature as well as about the importance of architecture for our existence. The thesis focuses on one of the best preserved traditional houses on Leros - Villa Kolkis. It is a haven and a lookout point from which I approach the Aegean environment, architecture and people. Villa Kolkis is the Schildts' former home and also the birthplace of the Alvar Aalto biography.

This Master's thesis is made up of six essays, photographs, watercolor paintings and measurement drawings. Material has been collected in a diary form by photographing, measuring, drawing, painting, writing, listening and interviewing. I lived on the island for more than three months. The work features images from all over the island, but the main focus is on Villa Kolkis, of which exact measurement drawings have been made. An interview with Christine Schildt adds a unique layer to the documentation work done on the island.

My essays are combinations of travel diary entries and prosaic depictions of events in the spirit of Göran Schildt, as well as a more theoretical discourse referencing existing literature. Sources include novels by Göran Schildt, relevant architectural theory on the relationship between exterior and interior spaces as well as more philosophical texts. My thought process was also guided by introductory books on the cultural heritage of the Antique. I have also used audiovisual material to delve deeper into the Greek world and the life of the Schildts'.

Like a hatch, each essay in my thesis opens up a new and different perspective on Villa Kolkis and its frame of reference. The central theme throughout the collection of essays is the meaning of architecture and our existence, a journey into the Greek way of life and relationship between the built and unbuilt environment. Using Villa Kolkis as an example, I study such themes as the sphere of life on Leros with courtyards and gardens, Greek philosophy and the interfaces separating exterior and interior spaces.

Scholarships to support the work have been granted by the Christine and Göran Schildtin Foundation, Lisi Wahls stiftelse and Suomi-Kreikka yhdistysten liitto ry.
Julkaisun otsikon käännösLeros and Villa Kolkis: Essays about meaning
Myöntävä instituutio
  • Aalto-yliopisto
  • Reuter, Jenni, Vastuuprofessori
  • Vartola, Anni, Ohjaaja
TilaJulkaistu - 1 toukok. 2017
OKM-julkaisutyyppiG2 Pro gradu, diplomityö, ylempi amk-opinnäytetyö


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