Learning experiences from digital laboratory safety training

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We present a digital laboratory safety training platform called AALTOLAB which we have developed to address the need for more flexible and engaging ways to teach laboratory safety for chemical engineers. AALTOLAB consists of an interactive, web-based 360° virtual laboratory, integrated with a Moodle-based digital exam with automatic assessment. The modular platform offers different modules from general comprehensive laboratory training to more specialised modules. Students and staff can freely navigate in the laboratory rooms at any time and interact with different action points including interactive videos, slideshows, and minigames. Our technical solution allows teachers even with limited technological skills to easily modify the training materials in real time. The relationship of students’ learning experiences and level of learning is also discussed. We believe that our safety training concept facilitates deep learning and students’ engagement, thus improving safety culture in our laboratories.
JulkaisuEducation for chemical engineers
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TilaJulkaistu - tammik. 2021
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