Landscapes of Design: Women at the Heart of Domaine de Boisbuchet

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With this exhibition, Frac Centre-Val de Loire invites you to discover the exceptional collections of Domaine de Boisbuchet. Created in Charente in 1989, this research and mediation institute brings together each year professionals and amateurs from all over the world to experiment with applied design in all its forms, from furniture to fashion, from architecture to landscape, and from urban planning to social organisation. Around the fundamental questions of the current roles of design, the exhibition relates the works of 20th-century pioneers with those of contemporary women who have imagined new practices in the Boisbuchet workshops. Here, the idealism of classical modernism stands alongside everyday rural creations with a commitment to the common good, in search of a more ethical relationship with nature.
JulkaisupaikkaOrléans, France
TilaJulkaistu - 4 helmik. 2022
OKM-julkaisutyyppiF2 Julkaistut taideteosten osatoteutukset
TapahtumaLandscapes of Design: Women at the Heart of Domaine de Boisbuchet - Frac Centre-Val de Loire, Orléans, Ranska
Kesto: 4 helmik. 202231 heinäk. 2022

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