Inter-layer and intra-layer heat transfer in bilayer/monolayer graphene van der Waals heterostructure: Is there a Kapitza resistance analogous?

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  • Ali Rajabpour
  • Zheyong Fan
  • S. Mehdi Vaez Allaei


  • Imam Khomeini International University
  • Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
  • University of Tehran


Van der Waals heterostructures have exhibited interesting physical properties. In this paper, heat transfer in hybrid coplanar bilayer/monolayer (BL-ML) graphene, as a model layered van der Waals heterostructure, was studied using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The temperature profile and inter- and intra-layer heat fluxes of the BL-ML graphene indicated that, there is no fully developed thermal equilibrium between layers and the drop in the average temperature profile at the step-like BL-ML interface is not attributable to the effect of Kapitza resistance. By increasing the length of the system up to 1 μm in the studied MD simulations, the thermally non-equilibrium region was reduced to a small area near the step-like interface. All MD results were compared to a continuum model and a good match was observed between the two approaches. Our results provide a useful understanding of heat transfer in nano- and micro-scale layered materials and van der Waals heterostructures.


JulkaisuApplied Physics Letters
TilaJulkaistu - 6 kesäkuuta 2018
OKM-julkaisutyyppiA1 Julkaistu artikkeli, soviteltu

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