Intergenerational Aesthetics: A Future-Oriented Approach to Aesthetic Theory and Practice

Remei Capdevila-Werning, Sanna Lehtinen

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    This article introduces the philosophical subspecialty of intergenerational aesthetics, which centers in the study of aesthetic values and aesthetic choices taking into account the aesthetic appreciation of future generations. Acknowledging a temporal dependency between the present and the future in aesthetics offers a new perspective to explore aesthetic values, perception, and judgments as well as practical aesthetic decisions. This essay discusses the main concerns of intergenerational aesthetics, including its theoretical stakes, its disciplinary and interdisciplinary influences, its normative aspect, and the role of intergenerational thinking in theory and practice. It focuses on aesthetic issues of our surroundings and aesthetic practices that go beyond the classical arts, such as architecture, design, and preservation, as they are directly related to current concerns regarding sustainability and the environment. It presents a specific case to illustrate the pressing importance of introducing intergenerational considerations to our current aesthetic practices. It ends by proposing a series of potential avenues of research for further investigations in the field.
    JulkaisuPhilosophical Inquiries
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2 elok. 2021
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