Intelligent products: Shifting the production control logic in construction (with lean and Bim)

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Production management and control in construction has not been addressed/updated ever since the introduction of Critical Path Method and the Last Planner® system. The predominant outside-in control logic and a fragmented and deep supply chain in construction significantly affect the efficiency over a lifecycle. In a construction project, a large number of organisations interact with the product throughout the process, requiring a significant amount of information handling and synchronisation between these organisations. However, due to the deep supply chains and problems with lack of information integration, the information flow down across the lifecycle poses a significant challenge. This research proposes a product centric system, where the control logic of the production process is embedded within the individual components from the design phase. The solution is enabled by a number of technologies and tools such as Building Information Modelling, Internet of Things, Messaging Systems and within the conceptual process framework of Lean Construction. The vision encompasses the lifecycle of projects from design to construction and maintenance, where the products can interact with the environment and its actors through various stages supporting a variety of actions. The vision and the tools and technologies required to support it are described in this paper.


OtsikkoProceedings of IGLC 23 - 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction: Global Knowledge - Global Solutions
ToimittajatO. Seppänen, V.A. González, P. Arroyo
TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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TapahtumaAnnual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction - Perth, Austraalia
Kesto: 28 heinäkuuta 201531 heinäkuuta 2015
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ConferenceAnnual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction

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