Innovations in hydrogel-based manufacturing: A comprehensive review of direct ink writing technique for biomedical applications

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Direct ink writing (DIW) stands as a pioneering additive manufacturing technique that holds transformative potential in the field of hydrogel fabrication. This innovative approach allows for the precise deposition of hydrogel inks layer by layer, creating complex three-dimensional structures with tailored shapes, sizes, and functionalities. By harnessing the versatility of hydrogels, DIW opens up possibilities for applications spanning from tissue engineering to soft robotics and wearable devices. This comprehensive review investigates DIW as applied to hydrogels and its multifaceted applications. The paper introduces a diverse range of printing techniques while providing a thorough exploration of DIW for hydrogel-based printing. The investigation aims to explain the progress made, challenges faced, and potential trajectories that lie ahead for DIW in hydrogel-based manufacturing. The fundamental principles underlying DIW are carefully examined, specifically focusing on rheological attributes and printing parameters, prompting a comprehensive survey of the wide variety of hydrogel materials. These encompass both natural and synthetic variations, all of which can be effectively harnessed for this purpose. Furthermore, the review explores the latest applications of DIW for hydrogels in biomedical areas, with a primary focus on tissue engineering, wound dressing, and drug delivery systems. The document not only consolidates the existing state of DIW within the context of hydrogel-based manufacturing but also charts potential avenues for further research and innovative breakthroughs.
JulkaisuAdvances in Colloid and Interface Science
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TilaJulkaistu - helmik. 2024
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