Improving the hydrothermal stability of Pd/SSZ-13 for low-temperature NO adsorption: promotional effect of the Mg2+ co-cation

Jinhuang Cai, Huawang Zhao*, Xiang Li, Guohua Jing, Johannes W. Schwank

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Insufficient hydrothermal stability is an issue that restricts application of Pd/SSZ-13 for low-temperature NO adsorption from vehicle emissions. Pd/SSZ-13 suffers from severe dealumination upon hydrothermal aging (HTA) at 850 °C, resulting in the aggregation of NO trapping active Pd2+ ions into inactive PdO particles, as well as a significant decline in NOx storage capacity. Mg was introduced to improve the stability of Pd/SSZ-13. Mg2+ ions, anchoring preferentially to the Al pair sites, show strong affinity to the framework of SSZ-13 even upon HTA at 850 °C, which reduces the dealumination. The preserved structure retains Pd2+ and contributes to the high NO storage capacity of HTA Mg/Pd/SSZ-13. Specifically, the PdO species, formed due to detachment of Al pair sites that are unoccupied by Mg2+ ions, disintegrate into PdO monomers via the Ostwald ripening process, which are subsequently captured and reacted with anionic exchange sites (framework Al) in the zeolite support. The 27Al NMR and Co2+ ion-exchange results indicate that a large amount of single Al sites remains in Mg/Pd/SSZ-13 after HTA, so PdO monomers are dispersed on these sites to generate Z[Pd(OH)]+ (ZH+ + PdO = Z[Pd(OH)]+). This results in significant changes of Pd2+ ion distribution after HTA: Z2Pd2+ decreases and Z[Pd(OH)]+ increases. Significantly, experimental and DFT results reveal the advantage of divalent Mg co-cations that occupy the Al pair sites on improving the stability of Pd/SSZ-13.

JulkaisuReaction Chemistry and Engineering
Varhainen verkossa julkaisun päivämäärä15 maalisk. 2023
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 kesäk. 2023
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