Improvements in the extraction of bioactive compounds by enzymes

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  • Institute of Chemical Technology


Bioactives from plants are always in high demand in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and functional food sectors due to their health benefits. This intensifies the need of extraction of bioactives by different methods that can improve the yield and purity of the compound. Enzymes help in the release of bioactives from the plant material under optimized conditions so as to make the extraction process efficient. Though enzymatic extraction of bioactives have been used since long, it needs improvement to further enhance the yield, reduce the process time, and make the process cost competitive. The combination of enzymatic extraction with other green techniques such as ultrasound extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, three-phase partitioning, ionic liquid extraction, and microwave extraction can boost the advantages of enzymatic extraction. This review focuses on the improvement in the enzymatic extraction techniques for the bioactives in detail.


JulkaisuCurrent Opinion in Food Science
TilaJulkaistu - 1 helmikuuta 2019
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