Improved self-consistency and oxygen reduction activity of CaFe2O4 for protonic ceramic fuel cell by porous NiO-foam support

Yuzheng Lu, Naveed Mushtaq*, M. A.K. Yousaf Shah, Muhammad Sultan Irshad, Sajid Rauf, Chen Xia, Muhammad Yousaf, Rizwan Raza, Peter D. Lund, Bin Zhu

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Considerable efforts have been made in the past several decades to search the cheap metal-oxides electrocatalysts with superior electrical properties including ionic and electronic for electrochemical energy devices. In this work, simple orthorhombic structured CaFe2O4 nano-particles were embedded on a porous Ni-foam by spin coating method for the application of air electrode for protonic ceramic fuel cells (PCFCs), which provides high oxygen reduction activity than using traditional processes. CaFe2O4 coated Ni-foam cathode shows very small area-specific-resistance (ASR) of ≤0.2 Ωcm2and fuel cell device assembled by CaFe2O4 coated Ni-foam cathode over ceramic BaZr0.8Y0.2O3 (BZY) electrolyte exhibited a peak power density (PPD) of 612 mW cm−2 when operating at 500°C. The porous Ni-foam support superficially improves the electrical and gas diffusion capabilities along with ionic transport properties of CaFe2O4 by narrowing the bandgap to effectively facilitating small polaron hopping energy of valence electrons. However, various spectroscopic measurements such as electrochemical impedance, X-ray photoelectron, thermogravimetric analysis, and Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations were employed to understand the improved ORR electrocatalyst function of CaFe2O4 with Ni-foam support as three-dimensional heterostructure composite cathode. The results can further help to develop functional cobalt-free electro-catalysts for low temperature-PCFCs and other related applications.

JulkaisuRenewable Energy
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TilaJulkaistu - marrask. 2022
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