Human stem cell decorated nanocellulose threads for biomedical applications

Henrikki Mertaniemi, Carmen Escobedo-Lucea, Andres Sanz-Garcia, Carolina Gandía, Antti Mäkitie, Jouni Partanen, Olli Ikkala*, Marjo Yliperttula

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Upon surgery, local inflammatory reactions and postoperative infections cause complications, morbidity, and mortality. Delivery of human adipose mesenchymal stem cells (hASC) into the wounds is an efficient and safe means to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing. However, administration of stem cells by injection often results in low cell retention, and the cells deposit in other organs, reducing the efficiency of the therapy. Thus, it is essential to improve cell delivery to the target area using carriers to which the cells have a high affinity. Moreover, the application of hASC in surgery has typically relied on animal-origin components, which may induce immune reactions or even transmit infections due to pathogens. To solve these issues, we first show that native cellulose nanofibers (nanofibrillated cellulose, NFC) extracted from plants allow preparation of glutaraldehyde cross-linked threads (NFC-X) with high mechanical strength even under the wet cell culture or surgery conditions, characteristically challenging for cellulosic materials. Secondly, using a xenogeneic free protocol for isolation and maintenance of hASC, we demonstrate that cells adhere, migrate and proliferate on the NFC-X, even without surface modifiers. Cross-linked threads were not found to induce toxicity on the cells and, importantly, hASC attached on NFC-X maintained their undifferentiated state and preserved their bioactivity. After intradermal suturing with the hASC decorated NFC-X threads in an ex vivo experiment, cells remained attached to the multifilament sutures without displaying morphological changes or reducing their metabolic activity. Finally, as NFC-X optionally allows facile surface tailoring if needed, we anticipate that stem-cell-decorated NFC-X opens a versatile generic platform as a surgical bionanomaterial for fighting postoperative inflammation and chronic wound healing problems.

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TilaJulkaistu - 1 maalisk. 2016
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    Cherian, T., Lemetti, L., Hynninen, V., Bertula, K., Ikkala, O., Verho, T., Johansson, L., Mertaniemi, H., Wang, M., Malho, J. & Arcot Raghupathi, L.


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