How Can Online Platforms Contribute to Smarter and More Prosperous Regions in Europe?

Hanne Melin, Samuel Laurinkari, Taina Tukiainen

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Three technology executives shared their views on how can online platforms contribute to smarter and more prosperous regions in Europe. They said commerce has always depended on connections. The difference today is how the online platform model is enabling connections that are cheaper, more evenly spread, and more accessible. Indeed, the online platform model has revolutionized commerce by reducing the cost of serving consumers over a large geographical area. This has effectively opened up commerce to any entrepreneur anywhere, and it is driving the emergence of new economic hotspots throughout Europe. One of the fundamental revolutions brought about by the Internet and digital technologies comes about through online commerce, where the cost of transacting over distance has fallen dramatically. The chief reason is how much easier it is online to overcome uneven access to information and difficulties in matching supply and demand.
JulkaisuTechnology Innovation Management Review
TilaJulkaistu - 2016
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