Hipo 2: Pedagogía desobediente/Disobedient Pedagogy

Fernando Nieto Fernandez (Toimittaja), Francisco Antonio García Triviño (Toimittaja), Katerina Psegiannaki (Toimittaja)

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How are civil and institutional disobedience, social and political rebellion and conceptual and productive radicalism connected with the theoretical and pedagogical praxis in the disciplinary fields of art and architecture? Or, how can different movements of disobedience, rebellion and radicalism in art and architecture become exploration territories for artistic and architectural pedagogy?

Our goal has been to create a breeding ground for pedagogical practices that promotes social, educational, creative and critical actions capable of rebelling, disobeying and radicalising what to this day has been developing indoors at University, outdoors or within its confusing limits.

“Within the University” is a clear concept, “outdoors” refers to projects or proposals carried out by groups or teams of any sort that come together temporarily in any given field, around an activity aimed at a common goal producing an unpredictable training potential.

It’s harder to define the concept of “limit”, which houses pedagogic practices performed by individuals with diverse associations in employment, investigation, teaching or training at University, who pursue, can and should be granted the possibility of becoming part of innovative teaching processes within it.

How can pedagogy become marginal, peripheral, radical, disobedient, rebellious, anarchic, nomadic, micro-revolutionary, spontaneous, autonomous, lively and yet allow the necessary space and time for the future role of young people amidst their cultural, political, architectural and artistic environment? How does the indoors, the outdoors and University’s limits be transformed into “communicating vessels” of this sort of radical experiences that deliberately “distort” our common views on pedagogy?
Julkaisun otsikon käännösHipo 2: Disobedient Pedagogy
JulkaisuHipoTesis: Numbered Issues
VuosikertaHipo 2
TilaJulkaistu - marraskuuta 2014
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