High performance integrated receiver-storage system for concentrating solar power beam-down system

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  • Southeast University


Concentrating solar power systems (CSP) with thermal storage units can provide dispatchable power. Here we propose a modified design of a cavity receiver combined with a thermocline heat storage unit for the beam-down CSP. Instead of using a separate receiver and heat storage unit, an integrated unit consisting of an extended cylindrical cavity with a packed bed storage is proposed. The new approach was designed using validated cavity radiation and quasi-1D 2-phase numerical heat transfer models. As the concentrated irradiation can be directly absorbed in such a system, the structure used can be simplified and operation of the unit is more effective. A high solar-to-exergy conversion ratio of 0.52 was reached with an optimized design, charging and discharging efficiencies being well beyond 99% and 92% at 770 °C. An important detail in the integrated receiver-storage design was the use of a circulation air flow fan, which enhanced the heat transfer inside the packed bed storage. The proposed design is promising for improving the efficiency and economics of beam down CSP.


JulkaisuSolar Energy
TilaJulkaistu - 15 heinäkuuta 2019
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