From Walls to Experiences - Workplace transformation from physical office space to 'Workplace-as-a-Service' model

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Organisational changes, technological development, and new ways of working are transforming the workplace. Increased mobility of employees and the possibility to work from anywhere and anytime challenge the concept of organisation's office as an only place to work. In a knowledge-based service-driven economy, individuals are exposed to the possibility of choices and are driven by good user experiences. In a world where everything becomes 'as-a-Service', 'Workplace-as-a-Service' model seems to attract more interest from employees, employers, and service providers.  This dissertation contributes to workplace management research by introducing a new approach that positions workplace as a service rather than physical office space for knowledge work. The two research questions directing this dissertation are: Why is the workplace becoming 'as-a-Service'? and How is the workplace becoming 'as-a-Service'?  This research employs qualitative research design. The empirical data are collected through interviews, site observations, and available documents. Data analysis methods include thematic and pattern analysis supplemented by narrative literature reviews.  The results of this dissertation show that workplace is transforming due to the need to support employees and their needs in corporate organisations and new services that are offered at the workplace are developing in a direction supporting employees and their work outside corporate offices. Further, conducted business model analysis demonstrates that workplace can be offered as an overall experience by following servitization principles and increasing service offering to meet the needs of employees. 'Workplace-as-a-Service' model refers to an employee-centric bottom-up approach to workplace, offering flexibility and a network of spaces and services.   The main contribution of this dissertation is two-fold. First, servitization theory is introduced to extend the current workplace management theories. It is one of the first attempts to conceptualize workplace transformation from service-oriented perspective. Second, for practitioners, this dissertation provides an ontology business models that guides organisations transforming workplace from physical space to 'as-a-Service' model.  Future research on 'Workplace-as-a-Service' concept and deeper insights from servitization approach in workplace management would be beneficial for the ideas presented in this dissertation.
Julkaisun otsikon käännösFrom Walls to Experiences - Workplace transformation from physical office space to 'Workplace-as-a-Service' model
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  • Junnila, Seppo, Vastuuprofessori
  • Jylhä, Tuuli, Ohjaaja
  • Nenonen, Suvi, Ohjaaja
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TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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