Freeing the Global Worker to Share Leadership in the Globally Distributed Team

Emma Nordbäck, Erika Small, Niina Nurmi

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Globally distributed workers commonly receive leadership from both local and global sources. Despite this, we know little about what effect this parallel leadership complexity has on globally distributed workers. In this qualitative multi-case study of 11 global virtual teams, we explored how team members navigate local and global leadership conditions in parallel, and how this impacts their ability to collaborate and ultimately lead each other in their globally distributed team. We discovered that members of globally distributed teams may receive rather different leadership due to local and global conditions combined. Based on these differences, we propose three global worker profiles: the locally attached worker, the globally detached worker, and the limbo worker. These profiles differ to the extent to which they are free and empowered to collaborate and lead each other. Contrary to previous research, we found that team members from both low and high power distance cultures engaged in informal, shared leadership. These results have important theoretical implications and extend previous research on globally distributed teams, global leadership and shared leadership by examining the role of contextual factors.
TilaJulkaistu - 9 heinäk. 2018
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