Extreme nonlinear strong-field photoemission from carbon nanotubes

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  • Chi Li
  • Ke Chen
  • Mengxue Guan
  • Xiaowei Wang
  • Xu Zhou
  • Feng Zhai
  • Jiayu Dai
  • Zhenjun Li
  • Zhipei Sun
  • Sheng Meng
  • Kaihui Liu
  • Qing Dai


  • National Center for Nanoscience and Technology Beijing
  • University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • National University of Defense Technology
  • Peking University
  • Zhejiang Normal University


Strong-field photoemission produces attosecond (10−18 s) electron pulses that are synchronized to the waveform of the incident light. This nonlinear photoemission lies at the heart of current attosecond technologies. Here we report a new nonlinear photoemission behaviour—the nonlinearity in strong-field regime sharply increases (approaching 40th power-law scaling), making use of sub-nanometric carbon nanotubes and 800 nm pulses. As a result, the carrier-envelope phase sensitive photoemission current shows a greatly improved modulation depth of up to 100% (with a total modulation current up to 2 nA). The calculations reveal that the behaviour is an interplay of valence band optical-field emission with charge interaction, and the nonlinear dynamics can be tunable by changing the bandgap of carbon nanotubes. The extreme nonlinear photoemission offers a new means of producing extreme temporal-spatial resolved electron pulses, and provides a new design philosophy for attosecond electronics and photonics.


JulkaisuNature Communications
TilaJulkaistu - 1 joulukuuta 2019
OKM-julkaisutyyppiA1 Julkaistu artikkeli, soviteltu

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