Experimental data from ice basin tests with vertically sided cylindrical structures

Hayo Hendrikse*, Tim C. Hammer, Marnix van den Berg, Tom Willems, Cody C. Owen, Kees van Beek, Nick J.J. Ebben, Otto Puolakka, Arttu Polojärvi

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Basin tests were performed at the Aalto Ice Tank to gather data on ice-structure action and interaction from ice failing against a vertically sided cylindrical pile. The tests were performed with a real-time hybrid test setup, which combined physical and numerical components to simulate a range of test structures in real-time. The dataset includes results from tests with offshore wind turbine structures, structural models representing a series of single-and multi-degree-of-freedom oscillators, and scaled dynamic models of the Norstromsgrund lighthouse and the Molikpaq caisson structure. In addition, forced vibration tests and rigid structure tests were performed. Ice loads and structural response were measured with accelerometers, displacement sensors, potentiometers, strain gauges and load cells and the ice-structure interaction process was filmed from three different camera angles. The resulting raw data have been categorized and stored as unfiltered time series. A total of 259 different tests are included in the dataset. The model ice formation procedure and the test temperature were aimed at creating model ice that mimics the material behavior of full-scale saline ice during crushing failure, with a specific focus on the transition from brittle to ductile behavior. The data can be used for validation of models for dynamic ice-structure interaction. The offshore wind turbine data can be used to study the effect of wind loading on the interaction with ice and the effect of the specific dynamic properties of wind turbine structures with monopile foundations on the ice-structure interaction process. The forced-oscillation data can be used to quantify the time and speed dependant aspects of ice loading. The Norstromsgrund lighthouse and the Molikpaq data can be used as a reference comparison to full-scale data on ice loads. (C) 2022 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Inc.

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TilaJulkaistu - huhtik. 2022
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