Expanded Photography. Towards a Collective Reinvention

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You can now visit the photo exhibition EXPANDED PHOTOGRAPHY. Towards a Collective Reinvention with the works of the selected photographers that joined the open call. The call aimed to raise the questioning, the trial, the error, and the successes as a trigger in the individual creative processes that, as a whole, expand the photographic language.

The selected images try to reflect the vast diversity of production processes, concepts, aesthetic and technical proposals that today push the frontiers of photography. This diversity is also expressed in the origin of the works that range from family fears and stories, which function as triggers for the construction of images, as in the case of Joana Dionisio or Cristóbal Ascencio, to interventions and digital creations where music intervenes, as in the work of Sergey Poteryaev; the appropriation, combination, and distortion of satellite images of Raúl Kalesnik; the use of artificial intelligence by Max Van der Wal to process images or the disruptive use of the phone camera by Vanessa Poitena. These nine works invite us to reflect on our role as creators of images in a world where we continually see old paradigms disappear, and where it is necessary to rethink and reinvent our practice according to our realities.

The 9 selected artists are:

• Raúl Kalesnik (Mexico)
• Joana Dionisio (Portugal)
• Max van der Wal (Netherlands)
• Holly Sandiford (United Kingdom)
• Cristóbal Ascencio (Mexico)
• Tarja Trygg (Finland)
• Sergey Poteryaev (Russia)
• Nadia Osornio (Mexico)
• Vanessa Poitena (Brazil)
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TilaJulkaistu - 29 tammik. 2022
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TapahtumaExpanded Photography. Towards a Collective Reinvention - Virtual, Online
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