Examining the structure of lean and agile values among software developers

Fabian Fagerholm, Max Pagels

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Gaining maximum benefit of Lean and Agile methods requires a thorough understanding of their assumptions regarding culture, mindset, and values. This paper examines the value system structure of experienced developers working with Lean and Agile methods, and compares it to universal human values and individual personality. We developed and deployed an online survey on Lean and Agile values, with embedded measures for universal values and personality. The resulting data set, with 61 respondents, was analysed using agglomerative hierarchical clustering and multidimensional scaling. A value structure containing 11 Lean and Agile values was uncovered, yielding insight into how Lean and Agile developers experience values in their work. The analysis shows that Lean and Agile values are connected, but not equal, to universal values and personality. The proposed model can help practitioners understand the ethos of Lean and Agile methodologies and to assess their organisational culture. It may also help researchers to study models of software developer experience and value systems.

OtsikkoAgile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming - 15th International Conference, XP 2014, Proceedings
KustantajaSpringer Verlag
ISBN (painettu)9783319068619
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 tammikuuta 2014
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TapahtumaInternational Conference on Agile Software Development - Rome, Italia
Kesto: 26 toukokuuta 201430 toukokuuta 2014
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NimiLecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Vuosikerta179 LNBIP
ISSN (painettu)1865-1348


ConferenceInternational Conference on Agile Software Development


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