Euclid preparation: TBD. The pre-launch Science Ground Segment simulation framework

Euclid Collaboration

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The European Space Agency's Euclid mission is one of the upcoming generation of large-scale cosmology surveys, which will map the large-scale structure in the Universe with unprecedented precision. The development and validation of the SGS pipeline requires state-of-the-art simulations with a high level of complexity and accuracy that include subtle instrumental features not accounted for previously as well as faster algorithms for the large-scale production of the expected Euclid data products. In this paper, we present the Euclid SGS simulation framework as applied in a large-scale end-to-end simulation exercise named Science Challenge 8. Our simulation pipeline enables the swift production of detailed image simulations for the construction and validation of the Euclid mission during its qualification phase and will serve as a reference throughout operations. Our end-to-end simulation framework starts with the production of a large cosmological N-body & mock galaxy catalogue simulation. We perform a selection of galaxies down to I_E=26 and 28 mag, respectively, for a Euclid Wide Survey spanning 165 deg^2 and a 1 deg^2 Euclid Deep Survey. We build realistic stellar density catalogues containing Milky Way-like stars down to H
TilaHyväksytty/In press - 1 tammik. 2024
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