Energy-efficient mobile web in a bundle

Le Wang, Jukka Manner

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The mobile Internet that was a huge hype ten years ago is finally here. We have a wealth of mobile devices that allow us to enjoy and consume Internet content from any number of web sites and services. With faster processors and radio links, our use of the Internet and the traffic mobile users generate grows at a tremendous pace. In this development, we still have a huge challenge to tackle: energy efficiency. When ten years ago one would recharge his personal mobile device once a week, we now do that daily; Smart phones today are not able to carry enough energy to allow us several days of usage time. The focus on this paper is to present and analyse one solution to help us in our daily lives. We implement and study a scheme where web content, a page, is delivered as a whole to a mobile device, instead of sending each individual object of the page separately. Combined with RRC state based header compression and selective content compression, our proposal allows the radio to keep in low power state for longer durations, and as a consequence brings huge energy savings. Download times also decrease, thus bringing increased Quality of Experience.
JulkaisuComputer Networks
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TilaJulkaistu - 2013
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