Emulating Heavy Fermions in Twisted Trilayer Graphene

Aline Ramires, Jose Lado

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Twisted van der Waals materials have been shown to host a variety of tunable electronic structures. Here we put forward twisted trilayer graphene (TTG) as a platform to emulate heavy fermion physics. We demonstrate that TTG hosts extended and localized modes with an electronic structure that can be controlled by interlayer bias. In the presence of interactions, the existence of localized modes leads to the development of local moments, which are Kondo coupled to coexisting extended states. By electrically controlling the effective exchange between local moments, the system can be driven from a magnetic into a heavy fermion regime, passing through a quantum critical point, allowing one to electrically explore a generalized Doniach phase diagram. Our results put forward twisted graphene multilayers as a platform for the realization of strongly correlated heavy fermion physics in a purely carbon-based platform.
JulkaisuPhysical Review Letters
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TilaJulkaistu - 9 heinäkuuta 2021
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