Empirical study on the effects of screen inclination and feed loading on size classification of solids by gravity

N. Rotich*, R. Tuunila, M. Louhi-Kultanen

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This study explored the insights into the theory of dry solids classification, in particular the classical dynamics aspects related to the mass loading of particles, deck inclination of the screen, and resulting measures of flowability. Prototype screening equipment was fabricated and experiments were carried out with ideal rounded mono-shaped glass beads. The overall performance of the prototype was assessed in relation to two screen design variables, the tilt angle of inclination and the mass throughput of the feed, which affects particles flow. Mathematical models relating to the classification process were developed, simulated and compared to the results obtained from the experiments. Important parameter ranges within which equipment may be operated with minimal malfunctioning were approximated from the models. Screen loading, bulk flow velocity, and screen inclination angles determine flowability of powders and particles in gravity classification; these parameters were used in this study to assess how well the particles flowed over the screens. A close correlation was found between theory, simulation models and the experimental results, which facilitated development of empirical models that may be used to predict and estimate the classification rates, efficiencies and flowability for such systems. Dense screen loading improved the classification rates, but hampered flowability, and consequently the efficiency. Increase in deck inclinations improved flowability and efficiency, but only to a certain optimum point after which it led to excessive overflow.

JulkaisuMinerals Engineering
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TilaJulkaistu - 2015
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