Elucidation of Iron Gettering Mechanisms in Boron-Implanted Silicon Solar Cells

Hannu S. Laine, Ville Vahanissi, Zhengjun Liu, Ernesto Magana, Jan Krugener, Ashley E. Morishige, Kristian Salo, Barry Lai, Hele Savin, David P. Fenning

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To facilitate cost-effective manufacturing of boron-implanted silicon solar cells as an alternative to BBr<formula><tex>$_{3}$</tex></formula> diffusion, we performed a quantitative test of the gettering induced by solar-typical boron-implants with the potential for low saturation current density emitters (&lt;50 fA&#x002F;cm2). We show that depending on the contamination level and the gettering anneal chosen, such boron-implanted emitters can induce more than a 99.9&#x0025; reduction in bulk iron point defect concentration. The iron point defect results as well as synchrotron-based nano-X-ray-fluorescence investigations of iron precipitates formed in the implanted layer imply that, with the chosen experimental parameters, iron precipitation is the dominant gettering mechanism, with segregation-based gettering playing a smaller role. We reproduce the measured iron point defect and precipitate distributions via kinetics modeling. First, we simulate the structural defect distribution created by the implantation process, and then we model these structural defects as heterogeneous precipitation sites for iron. Unlike previous theoretical work on gettering via boron- or phosphorus-implantation, our model is free of adjustable simulation parameters. The close agreement between the model and experimental results indicates that the model successfully captures the necessary physics to describe the iron gettering mechanisms operating in boron-implanted silicon. This modeling capability allows high-performance, cost-effective implanted silicon solar cells to be designed.

JulkaisuIEEE Journal of Photovoltaics
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TilaJulkaistu - tammik. 2018
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