Effects of the EXECP Intervention on Motor Function, Muscle Strength and Joint Flexibility in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

Pedro Valadão, Francesco Cenni, Harri Piitulainen, Janne Avela, Taija Finni

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PURPOSE: Numerous exercise interventions to enhance motor function in cerebral palsy (CP) have been proposed, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Because motor function requires a combination of muscle strength, joint flexibility, and motor coordination, we designed a supervised multicomponent exercise intervention (EXErcise for Cerebral Palsy, or EXECP) for individuals with CP. Our aim was to evaluate the effects of the EXECP intervention and its retention after it ceased. METHODS: The EXECP intervention combined strength training for the lower limbs and trunk muscles, passive stretching for the lower limb muscles, and inclined treadmill gait training. Eighteen participants with CP (mean age, 14 yr; 13 were male) were tested twice before the 3-month intervention and twice after the intervention, each test separated by 3 months. Seventeen typically developing age- and sex-matched controls were tested twice. Motor function was assessed with the 6-min walking test (6MWT) and the gross motor function measure dimensions D and E. Passive joint flexibility was measured with goniometry. Isometric and concentric muscle strength were assessed at the knee, ankle, and trunk joints. RESULTS: The EXECP intervention successfully increased 6MWT ( P < 0.001), gross motor function measure ( P = 0.004), and muscle strength for knee and trunk muscles ( P < 0.05), although no changes were observed for ankle joint muscles. Hip and knee joint flexibility also increased ( P < 0.05). After the retention period, all tested variables except the 6MWT and knee joint flexibility regressed and were not different from the pretests. CONCLUSIONS: The improvements in strength, flexibility, and possibly motor coordination brought by the EXECP intervention were transferred to significant functional gains. The regression toward baseline after the intervention highlights that training must be a lifelong decision for individuals with CP.

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