Effective Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Scheme Tuned by Improved NN for Robotic Manipulators

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The nonlinearities of the robotic manipulators and the uncertainties of their parameters represent big challenges against the controller design. Moreover, the tracking of regular and irregular trajectories with fewer overshoots, short settling time, and small steady-state error is the main target for the robotic response. The model predictive control (MPC) is an efficient controller to handle the performance requirements. However, the conventional MPC requires the linearization of the system model. The linearization of the model does not cover all dynamics of the robotic system. Thus, this paper introduces the nonlinear MPC (NLMPC) as a proper control method for the nonlinear systems instead of the conventional MPC. Specifically, this work proposes the use of NLMPC for controlling robotic manipulators. However, the NLMPC gains need proper tuning to attain good performance rather than the conventional methods. The neural network algorithm (NNA) considers a sufficient adaptive intelligent technique that can be utilized for this purpose. The restriction in a local optimum reveals the main issue versus artificial intelligence techniques. This paper suggests a new improvement to reinforce the exploration behavior of the NNA to overcome the local restriction issue. This modification is carried out by utilizing the polynomial mutation as an effective method to promise the exploration manner of the intelligence techniques. The proposed system can estimate all states from only the output to reduce the cost of the required sensors to measure all states. The results confirm the superiority of the proposed systems with the estimator with negligible change in the output response. The proposed modified NNA (MNNA) is evaluated with the main NNA, genetic algorithm-based PID control scheme, besides the cuckoo search algorithm-based PID control scheme from other works. The results confirm the robustness and effectiveness of the suggested MNNA-based NLMPC to track regular and irregular trajectories compared with other techniques.
JulkaisuIEEE Access
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TilaJulkaistu - huhtik. 2021
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