Direct transfer of Wafer-scale graphene films

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Flexible electronics serve as the ubiquitous platform for the next-generation life science, environmental monitoring, display, and energy conversion applications. Outstanding multifunctional mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties of graphene combined with transparency and flexibility solidifies it as ideal for these applications. Although chemical vapor deposition (CVD) enables cost-effective fabrication of high-quality large-area graphene films, one critical bottleneck is an efficient and reproducible transfer of graphene to flexible substrates. We explore and describe a direct transfer method of 6-inch monolayer CVD graphene onto transparent and flexible substrate based on direct vapor phase deposition of conformal parylene on as-grown graphene/copper (Cu) film. The method is straightforward, scalable, cost-effective and reproducible. The transferred film showed high uniformity, lack of mechanical defects and sheet resistance for doped graphene as low as 18 Ω/sq and 96.5% transparency at 550 nm while withstanding high strain. To underline that the introduced technique is capable of delivering graphene films for next-generation flexible applications we demonstrate a wearable capacitive controller, a heater, and a self-powered triboelectric sensor.


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TilaJulkaistu - 1 syyskuuta 2017
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