Dimensional Claustrophobia – Evoking the Occult Form

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Originating in philosophy and mathematically formulated in geometry, the thought experiment of a fourth spatial dimension has roused interpretations not only in theoretical physics and visual arts, but also in occultism, mysticism, science fiction and fantasy. Possible worlds restricted to two dimensions were envisioned to articulate our difficulties in visualizing the occluded/occult hyperforms, and to rationalize the supernatural capabilities the omnipresent denizens of Higher Space would have over us ‘flatlanders’.

My doctoral work is an artistic research in the interdisciplinary context of mathematics and visual arts. I investigate the visual possibilities of hyperspatial geometry by building 3-dimensional objects. Just as 3-dimensional solids can be drawn, unfolded, sliced, photographed or otherwise projected onto a 2-dimensional medium like paper or computer screen, same techniques can be applied to arrive at 3-dimensional appearances of 4-dimensional structures. These objects provide a sensuous access to a concept rich with scientific, historical and poetic significance, and enhance our everyday experience of space with claustrophobic unease.
TilaJulkaistu - 1 syyskuuta 2017
TapahtumaConference of Artistic Research in Performance Art - Theatre Academy, Uniarts Helsinki, Helsinki, Suomi
Kesto: 30 elokuuta 20172 syyskuuta 2017
Konferenssinumero: 5


ConferenceConference of Artistic Research in Performance Art


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