Dialogue Pathways with Otherness in Twenty First Century Museum

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When embarking on the path of reflection and questioning, especially when doing so in an interdisciplinary way, where one often encounters new areas and fields of knowledge it is always a good habit to ponder about the foundations and provenance of our information and our sources. How are we using them? When I use the term ‘modalities’ for example, I wish to indicate a diversity of data types including, textual sources that are comprehended through reading as well as through our other senses, such as sight, sound, touch and even smell.

Also whereas in science our epistemology (and questioning) assumes a closed ontology, in design we can easily deal with the notion of an ontology that is ‘composable’. In the second instance knowledge is regarded not as an object that is part of a closed set but rather as a relational condition that changes through out the iterations of the design research process.

My perspective is further informed by the notion of Media Design as one whose primary objective is communication not necessarily as ‘broadcasting’ but rather involving an exchange of knowledge created through participation (sharing of the object of activity) and reification (a concretizing of the design idea beyond reception) within a diversity of communities. What opportunities exist for design from this (hopefully ecological) and multimodal perspective, particularly involving heritage?

My discussion in the current essay proceeds by describing the Openness and Indeterminacy and the Non-linear and Epigenetic aspects of design as relational parameters that can be used when working with heritage in the museum.
My concluding remarks about propose possible Dialogues pathways with Otherness in Twenty First Century Museum.
OtsikkoMuseums and the Post Digital Turn
KustantajaMousse Publishing
ISBN (painettu)9788867493524
TilaJulkaistu - 20 elokuuta 2019
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TapahtumaMuseums at the "Post-Digital" Turn Symposium - Turin, Italia
Kesto: 3 marraskuuta 20174 marraskuuta 2017
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ConferenceMuseums at the "Post-Digital" Turn Symposium

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