Design and Implementation of a New Algorithm for Enhancing MPPT Performance in Solar Cells

Ehsan Norouzzadeh, Ahmad Ale Ahmad, Meysam Saeedian, Gholamreza Eini, Edris Pouresmaeil

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This paper presents a new algorithm for improving the maximum power point tracking method in solar cells. The perturb and observe and the constant voltage algorithms are combined intelligently in order to have a fast response and a high power efficiency. Furthermore, a two-phase interleaved boost converter with a coupled inductor is used with the proposed algorithm. The input capacitor and inductor of this converter are much smaller than those of the conventional types of converters. Therefore, its inherent delay is too short. Computer simulations carried out in PowerSIM and experimental results using a 100 W prototype verify the superior performance of the proposed algorithm and converter. The operating principle and comparisons with the conventional algorithms and other methods are presented in this paper. Moreover, a cost function is presented to compare the new algorithm with the others. The experimental results show that the presented system tracks any changes in power in less than 10 ms, and a quick response to the maximum power point is achieved.
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TilaJulkaistu - 1 helmikuuta 2019
OKM-julkaisutyyppiA1 Julkaistu artikkeli, soviteltu

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