Company perspectives on sustainable circular economy development in the South Karelia and Kymenlaakso regions and in the publishing sector in Finland

R. Husgafvel, L. Linkosalmi, D. Sakaguchi, M. Hughes

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Circular economy is a major focus area within both the EU and national policy framework in Finland. Very similarly to sustainable development goals, the idea is to bring about economic, social, and environmental benefits. Companies play a major role in circular economy and a large share of the developments happen at the company level, including the important role of consumers. This study focused on the company perspectives on circular economy development in two regions and in one sector. The applied method was questionnaire survey and it aimed at addressing the key development factors and challenges. The results of the regional studies and the sectoral study indicate, for example, that sustainability and long lifespan of products, components, and materials are important for the future development of CE. Sustainable, long-lasting, and fixable products, and new services and products are among the important drivers and opportunities. Profitability and lack of information are major barriers both regionally and sectorally. Circular economy can improve regional and sectoral economic, social, and environmental sustainability through, for example, supply chain management. The circular economy operational environment can be advanced through governance measures such as research and development subsidies and taxation, business measures such as profitable products and services innovated by forerunners and new business models, and technological measures such recycling of all materials and product design. Public procurement can advance sectoral and regional circular economy through acknowledgment of the whole product chain and life cycle, legislation, and obligatory recycling of products, components, and materials. The reasons that could lead to company investments into circular economy include better grasp of sustainability and life cycle thinking.

OtsikkoCircular Economy and Sustainability
AlaotsikkoVolume 1: Management and Policy
ToimittajatAlexandros Stefanakis, Ioannis Nikolaou
ISBN (elektroninen)978-0-12-819817-9
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TilaJulkaistu - 17 syysk. 2021
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