Color–light–space: An interdisciplinary course for graduate and postgraduate students

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The course Väri–valo–tila/Color–Light–Space at the Aalto University School ofArts, Design, and Architecture aims at disseminating an in-depth understanding ofthe possibilities and role of color and lighting in the built environment. Centralpedagogical methods are learning-by-doing, real-life cases, and collaborative learn-ing. The course is based on integrating theory with practice. The main assignmentof the course is a real, ongoing architectural project on which the students can testand develop their skills in color design. Other assignments involve visual and mul-tisensory analyses of existing spaces, their atmosphere, and sense of place. Thepractical and onsite assignments are complemented with lectures given by profes-sional experts on the theory and technology of color and light and with excursionsto companies and relevant urban environments.
JulkaisuColor Research and Application
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TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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