Artist's Book: Drunken gods and a box of colours / Humalaiset jumalat ja laatikollinen värejä

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Heli Rekula’s new artist’s book delves deeper into the themes of remembering and the construction of memories, as well as photography as a means of recording reality, also present in the exhibition by the same name, on view at Helsinki Contemporary till October 27. The book is comprised of essays written by Rekula, photographs the artist has taken 30 years ago, pictures of the photography based works in the exhibition, and old newspaper photos and captions documenting the progress of the hurricane Gilbert.

Heli Rekula has returned to the material she photographed in Mexico in autumn 1988. On her journey Rekula was caught in the middle of a hurricane, in the eye of the storm, on the Yucatán Peninsula. The storm lasted for a few days and left a powerful impression on the young photographer. Returning to the events of the journey now, 30 years later, is a way of investigating the issues and subjects that seemed relevant then, how the world used to be and in what kind of a reality we live now. The passing of time has, on the one hand brought distance while, on the other, returning to these pictures has been a natural, meaningful thing to do. Rekula has for years used materials she has collected and acquired from various archives as part of the background research of her artistic work. For the book now being published as well as for the photography based works in the exhibition, the artist has drawn upon her own, private archives.

The artist's book has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland. The exhibition and the artist's work have been supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Nordic Culture Point via The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.

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Drunken gods and a box of colours
Humalaiset jumalat ja laatikollinen värejä

Publisher / Julkaisija
Heli Rekula, Helsinki, Finland

Copyright © 2019 Heli Rekula
All texts © the authors
Tämän kirjan tekstien tekijänoikeudet ovat kirjoittajilla.

ISBN 978-952-94-2008-7

Design: Mika Aalto-Setälä together with Heli Rekula
Graafinen suunnittelu: Mika Aalto-Setälä yhdessä Heli Rekulan kanssa

Proof reading / Kielentarkistus: Tomi Snellmann

Translation / Suomennos: Tuomas Nevanlinna

Image editing / Kuvankäsittely: Petri Kuokka, Aarnipaja

Print / Kirjapaino: Greif Printhouse, Tartu, Estonia, 2019

This book has been published with support from Arts Promotion Centre Finland, National Council for the Visual Arts. Kirjan julkaisua on tukenut Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Valtion visuaalisten taiteiden toimikunta.

Rekula, H., 20 Oct 2019, Helsinki: Heli Rekula. 112 p.


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TapahtumaBook release and discussion: Heli Rekula & Hanna Johansson - Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki, Suomi
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