Arguments for One Radio Access Network (OneRAN) mobile infrastructure

Muhammad Usman Sheikh*, Jukka Lempiainen, Riku Jäntti

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The frequency spectrum is a scarce resource, and is owned and regulated by the state to ensure its efficient and fair utilization. All over the world, a large number of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are already involved in either active or passive Radio Access Network (RAN) sharing to maximize cost savings. The aim of this article is to challenge the ownership of individual operator’s infrastructure and present technical arguments for One Radio Access Network (OneRAN) approach for deploying a cellular network. The enormous increase in data traffic and regulatory requirements concerning public safety communications provide the basis for migrating to OneRAN infrastructure. The OneRAN approach provides an opportunity to gain technological benefits and helps in meeting the requirements of critical communication. OneRAN targets to maximize the savings on capital and operational expenses. The main focus of this work is outdoor wide-area coverage i.e., outdoor users in rural areas and on highways, as it is assumed that indoor service provision in the future requires a dedicated indoor solution. For the research work of this article, a measurement campaign was launched and different Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) of Long Term Evolution(LTE) technology for three commercial MNOs of Finland were measured over a 52 km highway from Iittala to Tampere city. The acquired results highlight the gain of OneRAN infrastructure as it enhanced the user quality of experience i.e., user throughput, especially of the critical cell border users, and improved the overall system performance economically. Finally, supportive arguments are presented for having a OneRAN infrastructure specifically over the highways.

JulkaisuTelecommunication Systems
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TilaJulkaistu - 2022
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