Analysis of Impact of Transverse Slope on Hydroplaning Risk Level

Xin-xin Guo, Chi Zhang, Bu-xin Cui, Di Wang, James Tsai

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Hydroplaning has become a major inducement of wet-weather road accidents. By the way of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) approach, this paper frames a finite-element meta-models for rib tires with the rang of different road transverse slopes, aiming to figure out the water pressures on tires under different traveling conditions and to find out the theoretical variational condition and regularities of water pressure of the different parts of the tire tread. Analysis shows that there is not an apparent impact of transverse slope on the action coverage of the high pressure induced by hydrodynamic pressure, but with the increase of the standing water depth, the area of high pressure zone will be larger and the variation is the most apparent when the standing water depth ranges from 5mm to 8mm. Therefore, the consequence of this paper can give
recommendations on pavement construction, especially on the construction of drainage.
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TilaJulkaistu - marrask. 2013
OKM-julkaisutyyppiA1 Julkaistu artikkeli, soviteltu
TapahtumaCOTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals - Shenzhen, Kiina
Kesto: 13 heinäk. 201316 heinäk. 2013
Konferenssinumero: 13


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