An Analysis on the Factors Affecting the Creation of Event-Oriented Urban Public Spaces Case Study: Central Part of Tehran (District 12)

Fatemeh Salehi Mava, Seyed Mahdi Khatami*, Ehsan Ranjbar

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Problem statement: In recent experiences, from the perspective of culture-led urban design, events play a paramount important role in improving the quality of urban public spaces. However, less exists on the nature of urban public spaces and their constructive roles in the development of events. Even previous studies have failed to provide clear answers to key questions such as what factors affect the event-oriented public space? What is the effect of different types of public space on amount of events?

Research objectives: This study aims to explain and develop event-oriented criteria for urban public spaces and then to measure and compare the extent to which different urban spaces in District 12 are event-oriented.

Research method: The article's methodological approach contains both qualitative and quantitative. In the first step, different methods were used to select case studies as an event place in District 12, such as content analysis of documents during two years, field visits, and in-depth interviews with experts. Then, the factors affecting the eventuality of public spaces were recognized based on the current literature. Finally, the event-oriented quality of several urban spaces in Tehran's historical heart was measured and compared by using checklists and analyzing the data in SOCNETV software.

Conclusion: The research results show five criteria, including accessibility, connectivity, space facilities, inclusiveness, and security, have the most significant impact on events' formation and durability. Also, among the different types of public spaces, the pedestrian streets and parks in Tehran's 12th district have a higher amount of events compared to other types.

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TilaJulkaistu - huhtik. 2022
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