Airport City Belgrade Membrane Structure: design, production and installation process

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  • ArTech inžinjering d.o.o.


In 2018, the Airport City office park in Belgrade, Serbia has commissioned an unusual membrane structure. The project has been designed, produced and installed by ArTech incinjering, Belgrade, Serbia. This paper presents the comprehensive process and workflow from the design phase to the structural analysis, to the production and to the installation of the membrane tensile structure. A membrane structure in hypar shape has been proposed. The cover spans about 28 meters and covers a footprint of about 487 m². As materials, PVC-PES membrane of type III and steel for other structural members has been selected. The project contains several unusual points, challenging for design, detailing, analysis and installation. Therefore, it serves as a good example and case study for future developments in this field of lightweight structures. The structure is located in between existing office buildings in order to cover and protect a pedestrian area and to create a plaza. The overall layout and shape of the structure has been inspired by client’s logo. Even though, the conventional shape of the hypar served as the basic geometry in the design phase, novel solutions have been developed and realized e.g. for corner details and boundary edges. Simultaneously, their unusual shapes asked for new advanced solutions. As an innovative approach and visually most striking feature a novel, curved truss girder solution has been developed, which is using principles of bending active structures. The installation process turned out to be of a great challenge. Different kinds of site-specific limitations and conditions required specific planning and logistics. So, this project serves as unique case study, highlighting the interdependence of design, limitations, requirement for novel detailing and installation-processes. By the comprehensive monitoring and observation of this membrane structure a whole quantity of information has been documented since its completion.


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