Advances in Energy Systems: The Large-scale Renewable Energy Integration Challenge

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  • Peter Lund

  • John Byrne
  • Reinhard Haas
  • Damian Flynn


  • Vienna University of Technology
  • University College Dublin


Advances in Energy Systems offers a stellar collection of articles selected from the acclaimed journal Wiley Interdisciplinary Review: Energy and Environment. The journal covers all aspects of energy policy, science and technology, environmental and climate change. The book covers a wide range of relevant issues related to the systemic changes for large-scale integration of renewable energy as part of the on-going energy transition.

The book addresses smart energy systems technologies, flexibility measures, recent changes in the marketplace and current policies. With contributions from a list of internationally renowned experts, the book deals with the hot topic of systems integration for future energy systems and energy transition. This important resource:

Contains contributions from noted experts in the field
Covers a broad range of topics on the topic of renewable energy
Explores the technical impacts of high shares of wind and solar power
Offers a review of international smart-grid policies
Includes information on wireless power transmission
Presents an authoritative view of micro-grids
Contains a wealth of other relevant topics
Written forenergy planners, energy market professionals and technology developers, Advances in Energy Systems is an essential guide with contributions from an international panel of experts that addresses the most recent smart energy technologies.


ISBN (painettu)978-1-119-50832-8
TilaJulkaistu - helmikuuta 2019
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