A Selective Review of Computing Education Research

Lauri Malmi, Aditya Johri

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Computing education research (CER) and engineering education research (EER) are comparable discipline-based education research (DBER) fields. Given the increased use of computing across engineering education, there is a unique opportunity for the two fields to learn from each other. This chapter first provides a brief historical overview of computing education research (CER), discusses the primary areas of current research and venues for publications, and then reviews recent work on the use of theoretical frameworks within CER. Then, the chapter selectively reviews two areas – programming education research and research on educational tools – that have a significant body of work within CER. The chapter uses these exemplars to illustrate the depth of research in CER as well as to identify areas of future work. The hope is that the selected content will be useful for those who conduct CER at the intersection of EER and those whose research focuses on computational technology.
OtsikkoInternational Handbook of Engineering Education Research
ToimittajatAditya Johri
ISBN (elektroninen)9781003287483
TilaJulkaistu - 2023
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