A Qualitative Control Approach to Reduce Energy Costs of Hybrid Energy Systems: Utilizing Energy Price and Weather Data

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  • Sweco Oy
  • FCG Finnish Consulting Group
  • Tallinn University of Technology


Nowadays, many buildings are equipped with various energy sources. The challenge is how to efficiently utilize their energy production. This includes decreasing the share and costs of external energy—usually electrical energy delivered from the grid. The following study presents a qualitative approach with a combined control to solve the problem. The approach is demonstrated using a simulated residential building equipped with a hybrid energy system: a thermal energy storage combined with an electrical heater, a geothermal heat pump and a solar thermal collector. Consequently, the share of renewable energy was increased and, conversely, costs of the external energy from grid decreased by 12.2%. The results were based on a qualitative approach and the algorithm which predicts the need of energy of the building over the next 6 hours with the aid of weather forecasting. This approach included a storage tank of 300 L. The energy costs can be further decreased 7.7% by increasing thermal storage capacity and modifying the control algorithm. In all cases, the indoor conditions were kept at a comfortable level. However, if the room temperature is temporarily allowed to slightly drop a few degrees during the heating season, the energy costs were further reduced.


TilaJulkaistu - 17 maaliskuuta 2020
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